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Spirit of Prophecy

Inter-American Division

Lord Transform Departmental Action Plan

Department: Spirit of Prophecy

Director: Leon Wellington


Strategic Imperative:

Educate and encourage students and professionals in Adventist educational institutions to know and understand the doctrinal beliefs of the church, accept Christ as their Savior and participate in leading others to the faith and to support them in maintaining their faith.


Our strategic imperatives are the areas of growth needs that must be addressed in our churches and institutions to strengthen the spiritual life of the members, engage all members in service to fulfill the mission of the organization and win souls for Christ, and coordinate ministries and departmental approaches to influence the faithfulness of all members.


Transform and Live


To strengthen the faith of members & encourage transformative lifestyle by reading Bible & SOP Books & have regular daily family worship


Provide guidelines for GC initiative.

Provide Worship ideas online for the family

Annually   SOP Department


Deeper commitment to personal spiritual growth.
Explore and Learn


To have each individual experience a greater appreciation for the Bible & the writings of Ellen G White. Division Advisory

Weekend Seminars by Unions



April 2016

By schedule until all Unions are covered

$14,000.00 SOP Department



A consistent pattern of daily devotional activity.

Member commitment to witnessing.

Connect and Share




Proclaim and reap





Conserve and Disciple


Member will experience an increase interest in spiritual matters.

Member will be willing to share with non-members their discoveries in the Bible & SOP writings.

Develop a witnessing strategy that will enhance member conservation & discipleship.

Have local SOP Directors coordinate regular instructional sessions with materials provided.

Consistently throughout each year of the quinquennium   SOP Department


A spiritually stronger church.

Each member experiencing a more vibrant spiritual life.

Increase in personal witness.





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