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Healthcare Institutions

Inter-American Division

Lord Transform Departmental Action Plan

Department: Healthcare Institutions

Director: Dr. Elie Honore


Strategic Imperative:

Impaired physical and mental health is a great issue both within and outside the Church. Effective Adventist health care institutions help all of their employees and volunteers to develop a strong relationship with the Lord, connect with their patients socially, emotionally and spiritually and share compassion with them. They also address deficiencies and help them to find the path to health and happiness in Christ.

Our strategic imperatives are the areas of growth needs that must be addressed in our churches and institutions to strengthen the spiritual life of the members, engage all members in service to fulfill the mission of the organization and win souls for Christ, and coordinate ministries and departmental approaches to influence the faithfulness of all members.


Transform and Live


1)Support actively the spiritual life of the institutions’ board, management and  SDA Staff


Assigned Readings: – -Believe his prophets

– Spirit of prophecy

– Fundamental doctrines

– Spiritual focus on the mission

2016 Jan-Dec






None Chaplaincy


Each board member   & employee to develops a closer relationship with God
Explore and Learn


1)Total Quality Improvement Initiatives

2)Mandatory CEUs


Special Training both professional & spiritual

2)Inservice training.

3) Devpt plans

Jan 2016–Jun 2020








$ 5 M

AHSIA Institutions’Management & Departmens


AHSIA & Institutional Boards – Donors

1)Structured Systematic Inservice Training

2)Specific Development plans implemented

Connect and Share


Intensive Community Service (Outreach) Different Initiatives : Stop smoking – Stress mngt –  Free consult days etc… Jun 2016– Jun 2020 ? Mngt & Dpts


Create massive community contacts and interest
Proclaim and reap


Involve Staff in formal public campaigns Medico-Spiritual campaigns End of 2016 ? Chaplaincy


Institutional  campaign with 100 baptisms

Conserve and Disciple


1)Volunteer organizations in each  institution enlisting  those reached…


Training for community actions Oct 2016 – 2020 ? Management & Chaplaincy 1)Active volunteers working alongside staff in community outreach…

2)New culture of service and organized outreach


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