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Religious Liberty

Inter-American Division

Lord Transform Departmental Action Plan

Department: Religious Liberty


Director: Leon Wellington


Strategic Imperative:

Educate and encourage students and professionals in Adventist educational institutions to know and understand the doctrinal beliefs of the church, accept Christ as their Savior and participate in leading others to the faith and to support them in maintaining their faith.


Our strategic imperatives are the areas of growth needs that must be addressed in our churches and institutions to strengthen the spiritual life of the members, engage all members in service to fulfill the mission of the organization and win souls for Christ, and coordinate ministries and departmental approaches to influence the faithfulness of all members.


Transform and Live


To help each member see him/herself as an ambassador of Jesus Christ and His Church Launch the Church Ambassador Initiative.

Recruit volunteers

April 2016   PARL Department


To engage every volunteer member with the public
Explore and Learn


To build social relationships that will enhance greater results in our public outreach activities.


Conduct training of volunteers in each Union:

1. To interact with the general public

2. To interact with civic leaders, public officials, leaders of other denominations, Government officials and leaders of commerce.

Conduct Division-wide Religious Liberty Congress

Throughout the quinquennium in each Union











April 2017












To be determined


PARL Department

A more favorable view of the SDA Church, that will bring greater results to our church’s public initiatives
Connect and Share


  Practical application of the training received by each pastoral district organizing local chapters of Church Ambassadors for effective functioning Throughout the quinquennium   Conference PARL directors


Transform volunteers into willing participants in this aspect of church life.
Proclaim and reap





Conserve and Disciple


To help members recognize and skillfully fulfill their obligations to the community they serve Work with Unions to organize PARL Associations in every country of the IAD The quinquennium     To keep members engaged with their communities & maintain a favorable image of the church in the community for positive results in outreach activities.





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